Build a Better World - Summer 2017

Registration for the summer library program will begin on Monday, June 12.

Those who check out books or participate in any program will be asked to register and fill out a short, easy survey.

Each registered child 10 and under will be given a free book.

There will be no counting of minutes or books this summer, but we will still have the younger children place stickers on a form and receive a small prize.

Older readers will be asked to answer some questions about what they are reading and will then receive a prize.  

Readers may also earn raffle tickets for doing the suggested activities on the reverse  side of the “contract to read.”

Raffle tickets will be drawn weekly for additional prizes.

 1-2-3 Tuesday- A free morning program for primary grade children

This popular program begins on Tuesday, June 20th and ends on July 25th. Participants must have completed kindergarten (younger children should be accompanied by an adult), 1st grade, 2nd grade, or 3rd grade. The children will meet in the children’s library between 10AM and 10:30AM to return books, choose books, and register. Promptly at 10:30, they will go to the third floor until 12:30PM. Children will be read a story or two, have a book talk time, play games, and do a variety of hands-on activities including arts and crafts, science and technology.  If parents do not accompany children into the library to register them, please make sure the children know the phone number of a parent or a designated contact person. Parents are not required to stay in the library unless the participant is 5 or under. This is a STEAM program, which means the incorporation of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Theatre Camp will begin the week of August 7-11 beginning at 10:30AM-3PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and until 3:30 on Thursday and Friday. The performance will be on Monday, August 14 in the evening.  There will be a dress rehearsal at 5PM before the performance. Children must bring a lunch. Pre-registration is required for this program as space is limited. The library will take registrations after July 4. The program is open to children ages 6 -18. Children will learn the basics of acting and performance, and be cast in a role. Those who cannot attend the performance may still participate, but will not be given a role for the performance night. Free!

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