Code of Conduct

The Board of Trustees of the Annie Halenbake Ross Library, by adopting the following code, seeks to insure that our library provides an atmosphere conducive to appropriate use of its services and facilities.

Patrons can expect to: 

  • Use the library without discrimination
  • Receive friendly, courteous and respectful services
  • Have free and equal access to information
  • Have a clean, comfortable and pleasant environment
  • Have use of the library undisturbed without threat of harm, invasion of property or interference. 

Resources of the library should be used freely and peacefully by as many people as possible. No one will be denied service because of age, race, religion, sexual preference, national origin, gender, disability, or politics. It is also our purpose to ensure that patrons have a safe and non-threatening environment in which to discover and debate ideas. 

Those engaging in any behaviors that make a staff member or patron feel uncomfortable or unsafe, or do not meet the expectations set forth in the library code of conduct may be approached by a staff member about the behavior and asked to refrain from same. Any patron who refuses to follow these guidelines may be asked to leave the library or be escorted from the premises by the police. Any patron asked to leave or who is escorted out may have their library privileges suspended or revoked and may be banned from the building. These rules will be enforced at the discretion of the library director and the Clinton County Libraries board of trustees. 

 The following guidelines for patron conduct, inclusive but not limited to, are essential to ensure respect for individuals who use this public facility: 

Alcohol: Consumption or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs or being under the influence is forbidden. See Meeting Room Policy for exceptions regarding alcohol consumption. 

Audio Equipment: Playing audio equipment so that others can hear it is not allowed. 

Bicycles: Bicycles must be parked in designated area outside of the building. 

Bodily Hygiene: Maintain acceptable cleanliness. If body odor is offensive enough to constitute a nuisance to other people, the patron shall be required to leave the building. 

Children: A parent or caregiver must accompany any child under the age of 11. Parents/caregivers are responsible for the safety and well-being of their children on library property. Library staff will not take responsibility for the care of any child and the library is not responsible for any child left unattended. 

Closing: Staff will give a ten minute warning prior to closing time. Patrons must leave the library at the designated closing time. 

Clothing: Wear appropriate  clothing, including shirt and shoes. 

Computer Equipment (Misuse of): The abuse of library computer equipment violates the law and may be prosecuted. Abuse of equipment includes banging on the keyboard or other use of excessive force, misappropriation of hardware or software, and attempts to alter the software. 

Damages: Those who damage or deface library materials or property may be prosecuted. Parents will be held liable for damage done by a child under the age of 18. 

Disturbances: Creating a disturbance by making noise, talking loudly or engaging in other disruptive conduct is not allowed.

Elevator: The elevator is to only be used for its intended purpose. The elevator is not to be ridden for enjoyment purposes (up and down repeatedly).

Emergency Closing: When the library is forced to close due to an emergency (power failure, inclement weather, etc.) and there are people in the building, the staff will make every effort  to assist people in finding a place to go. If the library must close early, a ten minute warning will be given and patrons must leave at the designated time. 

Entrances: Building entrances may not be blocked. Carriages and strollers may be left near the entrance provided that the entrance is not obstructed. 

Equipment: Monopolizing library equipment, materials or facilities and preventing others from using them is prohibited. 

Food and Drink: Food and beverages are permitted only in the lobby, patio or all meeting rooms by prior arrangement. Abuse of this privilege may result in a request to leave the building. 

Interference: Interfering with another person’s right to use the library or with the library staff’s performance of their job duties is not allowed. 

Library Furniture (Misuse of): Use library furniture, equipment and materials properly and for their intended function. 

Library Property: Follow established policies or other authorization before taking library property or materials outside the building. 

Loitering: Loitering on library property is not allowed. 

Meeting Rooms: Use meeting rooms appropriately and as scheduled. Groups using these rooms are expected to adhere to the guidelines in the library’s facilities policy and this Library Code of Conduct policy. 

Mobile Phones: Patrons entering the library with a mobile phone or similar electronic device must place it on silent or vibrate mode. Mobile phones, when answered, should be taken to the lobby or outside. 

Parking Areas: Use library parking areas, sidewalks and lawn properly and safely. These areas are not intended for recreational activities. Vehicles parked improperly are subject to being towed at owner’s expense. 

Personal Belongings: Patrons must attend to personal belongings. The library is not responsible for personal belongings left in or on library property.

Pets: Service animals and guide dogs are allowed in the library at all times. Small domestic pets are permitted provided they are carried in kennels or similar containers. 

Public Displays of Affection: Excessive displays of affection of any kind is inappropriate behavior for the library. 

Restrooms: Use restrooms only for their intended purpose. Bathing is prohibited. 

Skateboards, Roller Skates and Other Sports Equipment: Any unlawful, disruptive or potentially harmful activity on library property including skateboarding, bicycling on library property, etc. is prohibited. Illegal or disturbing behavior will be subject to immediate, appropriate and necessary action. 

Sleeping: Habitual sleepers, noisy sleepers, and those who are sprawled on furniture or the floor in a manner that is disturbing to other patrons will not be tolerated. 

Solicitations: Unauthorized solicitation of any type is prohibited while on library property. 

Staff Only Areas: Patrons should stay out of non-public areas, such as offices, workrooms and storage areas, unless authorized by staff to enter. 

Suicide: Staff will treat all threats of suicide seriously and immediately report them to police. 

Threats: Threatening behavior, including, but not limited to: violence, threats of violence and possession of weapons (except as allowed by law) is not allowed. Abusive language or harassment of library staff or patrons is prohibited. 

Tobacco: Smoking and use of tobacco products is prohibited on library property. 

Weapons: Carrying illegal weapons of any type is forbidden. 

The library reserves the right to require anyone violating the Library Code of Conduct to leave the library. Serious or repeated misconduct may lead to permanent banning/suspension of privileges, legal action or criminal prosecution. 

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