PA Forward

In 2015 the Annie Halenbake Ross Library heard of PA Forward and its branding/PR campaign from the District Center, PaLA, and Office of Commonwealth Libraries. The former Executive Director spoke at the Oct 2015 PaLA Convention in State College about Basic Literacy and the Clinton County Library on Wheels Program. In 2016 The Annie Halenbake Ross Library was designated one of 11 North Central District Libraries as a Gold Star Library. Librarians recognize the many ways the library has helped Clinton County families build literacy skills. Life in the Clinton County community would be diminished without these crucial services.

Basic Literacy

Helping Clinton County residents increase their literacy skills which in turn will create a better trained and skilled workforce and a growing economy, tax base and population

Information Literacy

Helping Clinton County residents use online resources and current technology to improve their education, enhance job skills and fully participate in our digital society.

Civic and Social Literacy

Helping Clinton County residents with knowledge and skills used to improve their lives participate and contribute effectively in the community.

Health Literacy

Helping Clinton County residents become active citizens able to manage their family’s well being and become effective partners with health care providers and therefore live longer, more productive lives.

Financial Literacy

Helping Clinton County residents become informed consumers and individuals, small businesses and organizations who will contribute to economic vitality of our communities through innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development.

Ross Library