Book Recommendation: In their own words

William K submitted a book review to Ms. Holly. He reviewed Wild River by Rodman Philbrick

Reasons why you love this book?

This book has a lot of things to love about it. This book is adventurous and has some action it it. I am reading this book in my ELA class is school for read aloud. I will tell you EVERYONE loves this book in my class. This book is about kids surviving in the wild and the woods. They also have limited food so they only had one meal a day. So they need to learn not to be selfish with all of the food and they can learn some skills in the wilderness also. One last thing that I love about this book is there are lots of twists and turns. There are a lot of unexpected moments. As you can see, I really love this book and I love it so much that I am trying to check it out at the Ross Library even!! (the book was checked out)

Thank you William for a wonderful review. Keep on reading and reviewing for prizes. ( I have yours ready)

If anyone is interested in reviewing books- come on in and grab a book review.

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