Book Review by Courtney

Hilda And The Mad Scientist

By Addie Adam (JE ADA)

This is charming story that is bound to bring out a few giggles along the way. Hilda is a woman who just likes helping others in need. When one day, she learns that that mad scientist who lives on the hill isnt well, She knows shes needed. Even to his dismay, She helps him. “I go where I’m needed and stay until I’m not.” The mad Scientist decides that hes had enough and he will try to scare her away, but lets just say that Hilda doesn’t scare very easily.


By Mick Inkpen (JE INK)

“A new baby is on the way. The family is moving out of number 47 to a bigger house around the corner. The cat has gone missing. But everything else is packed and ready to go.

Nothing has been left behind…”

I’m not going to lie, this story gives off huge nastalgic vibes. It is the cutest little story about a sentimental treasure known as Nothing who was lost but is then found again. This story will, for sure, bring back childhood memories and touch your heart.

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