Lock Haven Is Haunted

Hundreds of years ago, according to some sources, the local tribes believed the Susquehanna River Valley to be haunted. Lock Haven was founded in 1833, and Clinton County in 1839, and people settled here. Since then, the history of Clinton County has continued to unfold, with people living and dying in the area.

All of this culminates in the Ross Library’s annual haunted tours, which have been happening for ten years now.

The tours cover many incidents from Clinton County’s haunted history, beginning with incidents two hundred years ago, and sharing some scary ghost stories. Unlike many other haunted attractions, these stories are real. They are researched and accurate, and for each stop on the tours, tour guide Lou Bernard can show a document to prove the story.

The tours are sponsored by the Lock Haven Paranormal Seekers, Clinton County’s most reputable ghost-hunting team. Each tour is five dollars per person, and all money raised benefits the library. Tours begin at the library and take about an hour each, and don’t bother asking where they go downtown, because if you’re that invested, you’re already going to attend.

It is recommended that participants bring a flashlight, because some of those sidewalks are a little touchy. Smoking on tours is not allowed. The tours will be at 7 PM on the 20th and 27th, and at 7 PM and 11 PM on the 21st, 22nd, 28th, and 29th.

Is it possible that you might actually witness paranormal activity?

Nobody can rule that out. During past tours, there have been high electromagnetic fields on the team’s equipment, lights turning on in abandoned buildings, and unexplainable noises and incidents. So if you’re interested in the paranormal and willing to take the chance of encountering a ghost, these tours are the event for you.

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