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KIRKLAND, NY- In the second week of the Clinton Challenge, New York pulled ahead with a cumulative total of 204 hours, leaving Pennsylvania in second place with 150 hours. New Jersey remained in third place with 99 hours.

When Pennsylvania reported in on Friday evening, just before the weekly history tour, they added 85 hours to their cumulative score. The tours are another local library program, held every Friday in June and July at 7 PM. Patrons in all three communities have been reading and recording their hours in an impressive display of competition.

“We had quite a few people join the competition this week and a few of them are voracious readers so our cumulative total is 204,” said Laura Stoll of New York. “Who knows what next week will bring!?!”

Patrons who are interested in participating in the challenge can pick up a form at the Ross Library or make arrangements by contacting the library at 570-748-3321 or

In the first week, Pennsylvania started off strong with 65 hours, and added another 85, but New York came out with a strong showing afterward, pulling ahead to take first place. The competition is far from over, however, and will be continued until September 2nd, the final day of the challenge.

This week’s hours will be due on June 17th.

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