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LOCK HAVEN, PA- Pennsylvania has surged back into the lead in the Clinton Challenge, coming in with an additional 253 hours for a total of 403, leaving New York a very close second with 395 hours. This brings the two libraries within eight points of one another, making this week a nail-biter of a competition.

The three libraries will be fighting it out on the playing field, which is actually just three libraries, for the entirety of the summer. Patrons who are interested in participating in the challenge will be able to join until late August, and can pick up a form at the Ross Library or make arrangements by contacting the library at 570-748-3321 or Hours for this week will be due on June 24th, and next week will be July 1st.

This week, Anne Debraggio of New York contacted the Gatorade corporation to ask if they would be interested in making a donation. “We were joking that the winning director could have Gatorade poured on them… in the library!” Anne said in her e-mail. “And then we thought, why not? So, would you be interested in helping to make that happen by donating Gatorade for the pour– or perhaps contribute some swag? Perhaps it’s time for Gatorade to extend outside the athletic field…. and what better place to start than libraries?”

Gatorade politely turned the request down due to the high volume of donation requests they receive. There is still discussion, however, of the winning library pouring Gatorade on their coach.

“Yeah, I made a comment about Gatorade for a previous article,” commented Lou Bernard of Pennsylvania. “I didn’t think anyone would actually take me seriously, but we’ve been discussing it, so if we win, I may have to do this thing!”

Any library patrons of Clinton County who would like to see Lou get Gatorade poured on him, and there could conceivably be quite a few of those, can help by picking up a form and logging your hours for the Clinton County Libraries.

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