Lou Bernard

KIRKLAND, NY (AP) – In a shockingly close nail-biter, New York pulled ahead this week, taking the lead over Pennsylvania by nine hours. This week, New York led with 2,870, Pennsylvania close behind with 2,861, and New Jersey trailing but gaining ground with 2,558.

As the competition enters its third and final month, patrons are fiercely battling to see whose library can read the most hours. The competition will last until September 2nd, and it’s a toss-up whose library will finish in first place. Pennsylvania and New York have both taken turns in the lead, and with patrons beginning to turn in more hours as the summer winds down, this is anyone’s game to win.

Hours for this week are due August 5th, with all hours to be turned in by September 2nd at the end of the game. As we enter the final stage of the competition, new patrons are welcome to join in the fun.

“We’re so close,” said Lou Bernard of Pennsylvania. “But if it was too easy, it wouldn’t be any fun!”

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