Lou Bernard


LOCK HAVEN, PA (AP) – Pennsylvania has pulled back into the lead by over two hundred hours in this week’s round of the Clinton Challenge. This week, Pennsylvania scored 3,648 hours, leaving New York in second place with 3,369 and New Jersey in third but still gaining ground with 2,852.

“Someone’s got to be in last place, right?” said Terry Edwards of Clinton, New Jersey. “Our tally sheets fly off the display, but they just don’t come back.” New Jersey is playing with fewer team members this summer, and despite being at a disadvantage, is still fighting hard.

This week went into overtime as Pennsylvania’s Lou Bernard was away on an annual family vacation over the weekend, and couldn’t report the numbers until Tuesday.

This week’s hours are due on August 12, and the final hours are due on September 2, when the whistle blows and signals the end of the game.

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