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LOCK HAVEN, PA (AP) – Pennsylvania retook the lead in the Clinton Challenge this week in a nail-biter of a surge, coming in with 499 new hours for a total of 1,858 hours. After two consecutive weeks in the lead, New York came in a very close second with 1,823, with New Jersey ranking in with 1,405.

“We had a patron turn in her hours from the start of the Challenge, which helped this week’s total for us,” said Anne DeBraggio of New York,”But that wasn’t enough to catch PA!”

Pennsylvania has performed strongly in the Clinton Challenge, often in the lead, but New York has given them a fierce fight for the top, generally not falling behind by any more than a few hours.

“Man,” said the color announcer,”I don’t care what state you’re from, that’s gotta hurt.”

The Clinton Challenge will continue throughout the summer, ending on September 2. The next hours are due on Friday, July 22.

Any patron of the three participating libraries can join in the challenge by picking up a form or contacting the libraries. In Pennsylvania, the Ross Library is at 570-748-3321 or 

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