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KIRKLAND, NY – New York surged ahead in the Clinton Challenge this week, coming in with 1,025 hours, making Kirkland, New York the first library to break a thousand this summer. New Jersey gained some ground this week by recruiting a ringer, bringing their score to 686 hours, almost doubling their score in a much-needed gain for the team.

“We have a new participant who reads a LOT,” said Terry Edwards of New Jersey. “She says,’Game on!'”

The new player for New Jersey actually has a friend who lives in Clinton, New York, setting the stage for a possible rivalry this summer.

Pennsylvania came in second this week with 956 hours.

Any patron of the three participating libraries can join in the challenge by picking up a form or contacting the libraries. In Pennsylvania, the Ross Library is at 570-748-3321 or The competition will continue until September 2nd. This week’s hours are due on July 8, the same night that the historic walking tours resume.

Pennsylvania has been largely ahead over the summer, but with New York comfortably in the lead and New Jersey gaining ground, clearly the Ross Library will have to step up its game to get ahead.

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