Playaway Audio Books

We currently have about 40 Playaways. I’ve listened to two of them and here are my thoughts.

They are the complete unedited audio book and they come in a durable plastic case.
Instructions are included inside!
They are about the size of the beeper I got at Big Bob’s Beepers. #HeyArnold
Volume Control on the side.

Pretty easy to use, iPod, Zune, or any other MP3 player. You can listen via headphones or through your car’s stereo (audio system) if your car’s stereo has an audio in jack. Things I don’t like, there is no chapter listing included, not a big deal if your listen to a work of fiction, but when listening to nonfiction it would ne nice to see a chapter listing to see where I was, I have no clue what 9hrs left or 56Min for a chapter. Pause button is sensitive so you shouldn’t put it in your shirt pocket if you are going to be lifting anything as you may continually pause the story.

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