Lou Bernard


KIRKLAND, NY (AP) – New York is back in the lead with two weeks to go in the Clinton Challenge, racing ahead of Pennsylvania with 4,832 hours to Pennsylvania’s 4,243. New Jersey follows up in third, having made an impressive jump forward to 3,919 hours.

“Only two weeks left!” cheered Laura Stoll of New York. “This might be a photo finish!”

The end is in sight, with the competition wrapping up on Friday, September 2nd. That is the final date to turn in hours; none will be counted after that.

New York’s sudden surge can be tied to social media. Stoll said,”One of our Facebook posts went viral and we had a huge influx this week!”

With only two weeks to go, a hush falls over the crowd. With New York and Pennsylvania having battled all summer for first place, it’s anyone’s game at this point. Meanwhile in Lock Haven, PA, Lou Bernard waits apprehensively to see if he will have to be dunked in Gatorade.

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