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LOCK HAVEN, PA- In the final full week of June, Pennsylvania continued to maintain a very narrow lead over New York in the Clinton Challenge. Pennsylvania gained 246 hours for a total of 649, keeping just ahead of New York, who tallied in at 639 this week. New Jersey remained in third place with 360 hours.

“It’s been a nail-biter of a game!” said Lou Bernard, Adult Services Coordinator of the Ross Library. “When I tallied up the hours, I thought we’d come out way ahead, and then New York was only ten hours behind! They’re giving us a fight, that’s for sure!”

So far, all three libraries have verified that none of the players are using performance-enhancing books.

This week’s hours will be due on July 1st. To participate, any library patron can pick up a form at the Ross Library and begin counting their hours, or e-mail hours to Patrons may also call the library at 570-748-3321.

This week also brought a small change to the tally poster at the front desk in the Ross Library. Throughout the season, there has been a laminated poster to keep score, along with three laminated figures to represent each state. Director Tammy Garrison brought in better dry erase markers to show who is in the lead, and Bernard re-colored the poster.

“I’m glad we have the new markers,” he said. “We can’t have our players on the field with substandard equipment. We could have a reading-related injury, and nobody wants that.”

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